Kayu V-Wood Reclaimed Teak Painted

Code: KR5WRN

Our original Kayu design is a meshed tile arrangement of sleek strips of reclaimed teak designed with a tapering relief. Enmass the design weaves across a wall, a juxtaposition of cutting edge modern design and exquisite ancient Indonesian teak.

Each strip is a wood composite with decade old Indonesian teak heartwood adhered to premium grade pine. This composite creates a unique stability allowing the unparalleled appeal of distressed teak to be showcase in our unique modern designs.

Pepper among the natural hues are diverse colors of bright, original painted teak strips, distressed to reflect their decade old use in historical Indonesian homes. Randomly placed, the finish design showcases a myriad of colors that make up approximately a quarter of the overall surface.




Meshed back interlocking tile

Tile Size: 4 3/4" x 15 1/2" (3/8" to 7/8" thick wedge)

Individual Pieces:  1 1/8" x 15 1/2" (3/8" to 7/8" thick wedge)

For each tile 1 of 4 pieces will be painted. Color and location of piece within tile varies

Paint mix. Every order is a unique makeup of a range of colors with an approximate breakdown as follows: 50% white, 30% light blue or light green, 20% yellow, dark green or dark blue.

Lightweight and precision cut, Island Timber wood panels and claddings can be used on virtually any clean, flat and sealed surface. Installation is easy and by following our instructions can be done by a homeowner using common tools and materials that can be found at any local hardware store.

Detailed Installation Guide


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