Papan Plank Reclaimed Teak Natural

Code: KP1PLS

Bundled together in panels of varying length, Papan Planks are placed in any arrangement to create a refined distressed surface, unique to the personality of teak and the materials diverse history of past use in ancient Indonesian homes. Not unlike American reclaimed barnwood, our reclaimed teak panels capture the diverse history of their use offering a range in color from light golden hues to weathered earthy greys and even smoky, dark surfaces. These decade old panels, sourced from the premier heartwood of ancient Indonesian teak trees, exhibit an authentic weathered appearance while retaining the woods acclaimed quality dried over decades of use



Product Details: Product is sold by bundle: Coverage: 10.7 sq.ft/bundle

Bundle Configuration: Panels (nominal dimensions)

Length Quantity of Panels Width
39 1/2" 3 Panels 6"
31 1/2" 2 Panels 6"
23 1/2" 2 Panels 6"
15 3/4" 2 Panels 6"

Fire Rating:Class 'B' 


Lightweight and precision cut, Island Timber wood panels and claddings can be used on virtually any clean, flat and sealed surface. Installation is easy and by following our instructions can be done by a homeowner using common tools and materials that can be found at any local hardware store.

Detailed Installation Guide

Papan Application Techniques


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